Event Caches

Le Grand Event du TdW

Une journée pour tous les goûts: de caches spéciales enfants aux T5.

Si vous aimez le geocaching, ce sera LE jour de rencontre en 2015

Event Caches


For the Grand Event du TdW, we are going to place 153 new caches at Spontin and its surroundings.


105 tradis


1 multi


2 LetterBox


1 Wherigo


44 mysteries


...including two series made specially for families (stroller accessible)

and five T5


For some caches of this event you will need


  • 1 compass,
  • 1 mirror,
  • 1 magnet at a wire or rod of 50 cm,
  • 1 screw driver,
  • 1 Phillips screw driver,
  • 1 pincet,
  • a bottle of water (1l).

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